Postcard from the New York Comic Con

Zivanov and Tadein with BloodshothThe beginning of October will forever stay in our hearts as that time the gang took on New York Comic Con. That’s right friends, Imagine Incredible visited the East Coast mecca of geek culture, and it was all work and no play.

Our busy schedules didn’t bring us down, because when your job is to meet up with the creative forces that shaped your childhood, made you the person that you are and inspired you to follow in their footsteps, you never want to go back home. New York Comic Con is everything we dreamt it would be, and more, a vast expanse of cosplayers, merch stands, exhibitions, promotions, visitors with the biggest grins on their faces, and a feeling of childlike wonder.

The main reason behind our visit was to promote Imagine Incredible as a brand, and the titles that are already in production. We set off looking for allies in our great big publishing saga – companies, publishers and artists to collaborate with.

Dustin Nguyen looking at IMIN digital issuesJ. Scott Campbell with IMIN titlesAlong the way, we got to meet some of our biggest inspirations! We’re talking talents like Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows, The Avengers), Dustin Nguyen (Batman), Adi Granov (Iron Man, Star Wars, Daredevil), J. Scott Campbell (Danger Girl), Brian Pulido (Lady Death), and more! They all had a moment to look at the physical copies of some of our (still unpublished) first issues, and we are happy to report that the gods are pleased! Hearing their impressions was probably the single greatest motivation for each member of our team, a valid reason to keep up the fight and release all our stories to the world. They taught us a lot about the inner workings of the comic book industry and gave us invaluable advice about how to make our way into the big league.

We’re wrapping this up with some photos from our visit to NYCC ’16, and a prayer circle that we’ll be there again next year, only this time as exhibitors!